How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will influence the future of e-commerce?

Artificial Intelligence, in simpler terms, is intelligence shown by machines such as a computer, application, and software-enabled machines – that are not human – that are artificial or made by humans.

Have you ever realized that most of the popular eCommerce portals have deployed AI to handle customer interactions? Chasing this trend allows them to save millions of dollars, and thousands of hours of precious time for their agents. And a Ubisend report says that 40% of visitors on an eCommerce site using AI chatbots to find offers and deals. The same report also mentions that 1 in 5 customers is willing to buy from a chatbot.

Products recommended to customers while browsing through the site is chosen by the AI mechanism. Customers are more likely to buy recommended items related to what they have already seen or searched for on an eCommerce portal.

Mistakes that e-commerce owners generally do?

Our number 1 for the list of most common eCommerce mistake is Spending your time on things that you shouldn’t.There is a bad habit that was proven to be a common trend – more than it should. During a ‘Growth Hacking Academy’, many eCommerce store owners realized they had been spending their time wrong during the setup of their eCommerce store.

They would spend too much time on trivial -or less important- tasks, like designing their logo when they should be taking care of their content.

You want things your way, and you don’t share your responsibilities easily. This is 100% respectable, but respect shouldn’t be your top priority right now. Strategy, concept, Analytics, SEO/PPC campaigns, community management, social media, website administration and maintenance, design, email marketing, and the list goes on.

Tips to Standout in e-commerce

In 2017 there are countless eCommerce stores in every niche, it’s a great time to be a consumer! But for the eCommerce store owner, how do you make your store stand out from the crowd and attract more customers and sales?. Be Genuine, and honest and above all build trust. The only way to really build this trust is by being your own unique you. That said, if I were to give you some practical tips towards success and building trust I would suggest that you incorporate the following elements into your online experience:

  1. Ensure your site loads FAST, Fast beats Flash. So I would rather have a site load quickly than be all flashy with all the latest scrolling banners (all the distracting elements of design).
  2. Don’t use templates, don’t get me wrong, the experience needs to be familiar as a completely foreign type of experience could lose traffic faster than anything because people take comfort in familiarity. But build a site that is familiar in the sense of having the needed elements for navigation, content, etc. But if you are using a set template and stock photos, your site will simply feel impersonal. *Secret, it really doesn’t save time or money if you have a good development team, it actually adds further layers of work on but that’s another story.
  3. Use Testimonials, product ratings and anything that builds on the words of others, let other people’s words sell your products for you, they are far more powerful than anything you can say