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Safety & health manufacturers to showcase their products, services, events & courses at NO COST.


WSH Asia, 25 Bukit Batok Cresecent, #04-12,
The Elitist, Singapore 658066
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Not even lying

Safety & health manufacturers Platform

World of Safety and Health Asia is founded for the purpose of gathering safety & health information for the benefit of every individual.
It is a shame that products & services that solve safety & health problems are only available in some countries but not all.
This is the reason why WSH Asia is founded! To provide a FREE platform for all safety & health manufacturers to showcase their products, services, events & courses at NO COST.
This will enable every individual around the world, to easily access safety & health solutions available all around the world and therefore be able to access to it and be safe.
WSH Asia focus is on provide a FREE online platform that allow safety & health solutions providers from all over the world to post their products thus providing safety & health solutions to people in this region.

While WSH Asia still liked their old website, it wasn’t responsive and with mobile browsing growing by the day it was important to remedy this and offer a quality visitor experience to both desktop and mobile visitors. 3ilogics highlighted this issue and WSH Asia immediately saw the need to make changes.
3ilogics Team took the opportunity to not only redesign their site but their brand voice as well. Being creative geniuses themselves, they produced their own creative design and brought it to 3ilogics for adjustments to ensure online best practices were employed and then development.
3ilogics Team provided advice around usability and visitor conversion, which was integral in adapting WSH Asia’s creative ideas into functional ones. Our team worked hard with Great Race to get the design working well across desktops and all mobile devices. And that’s why they used WordPress Technology to convert the design into functional steps. Our Team not only developed the area where one can purchase products but also having functionality of events, courses and eCourses that one can buy.
WSH Asia now have a site that reflects their vision and mission. With a totally different look to their competitors, they make a statement that their visitors remember.