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Trendimi Limited
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Accredited Online Courses

TRENDIMI having an international team provides Online Courses. The courses are structured into clearly defined topics, contain detailed written instruction with illustrations and you can see techniques in action in our close up videos.

With no online presence, the TRENDIMI were in urgent need of a professional website. They approached 3ilogics to design and create a website that would reflect their relevance to all the visitors who are seeking for the Online Courses.
They needed to communicate the benefits of Courses to all visitors and be seen as a valuable asset and central repository for all major courses. The TRENDIMI also required a System where they can show all their courses and one can purchase from there. For that One needs to be Registered first also they want to showcase all their eBooks where one can buy those eBooks.
Our Team decided to develop the website in Code Igniter, which is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint. 3ilogics designed a new website with a flexible CMS allowing Member to easily update all content and documents. A member’s login area was created to give members access to important Courses and books to purchase. Once our team developed the site client wants the site in 4 different languages so that was big challenge in front of our team but they establish the task within 1 week and submit it according to client’s requirement and client was not only happy but also fully satisfied with our work.