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Best quality and prices in gemstone beads, diamond beads, semi precious gemstone beaded chains, bezels, electroplated items, jewelry and lot more.


Contact Details: +1 (510) 940-3005
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Happiness your life with Best in Beads

Best in Beads bring you the best quality and prices in gem stone beads, diamond beads, semi-precious gemstone beaded chains, bezels, electroplated items, jewelry and lot more! And have been the largest suppliers since the year 2000 at your local gem and jewelry shows in the USA.
Best in Beads was an idea to utilize this iconic symbol and provide an online shop instantly recognizable. 3ilogics Team were engaged to design and develop an e-commerce solution to foster sales, increasing revenue for the Best in Beads Products not in USA infect all over the world.

The website design in this case needed to also be sympathetic to the subject matter of the site.
3ilogics designed and developed a new e-commerce website based around the iconic Best in Beads. The new e-commerce store was designed with usability and conversion as priorities with layouts, upsells and calls to action developed accordingly.
The site was developed using the Magneto e-commerce platform which is robust and flexible and perfectly met the requirements of the Best in Beads Products.
Best in Beads is both an attractive website and an easy to use e-commerce solution for both visitors and administrators.