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Compare Parcel Delivery, Real Time Charge Calculate based on location


Titanic Suites Ltd
55-59 Adelaide St, Belfast BT2 8FE, UK
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Not even lying

Parcelboom is a website which generates business for Courrier Delivery Service Providers,

Where we manage the service costs of Different Courier Companies. The website core feature is to calculate parcel delivery service cost based on the location and size of the parcel.

There are many challenges in this Project for Our Team.

When 3iLogics Team starts this project after collecting the information from Mark, Team Initiate with Layout Designing, but after many layouts Revision Mark is not satisfied, with a single layout then We assign Sr. Designing team they collect the feedback of every Layout Revision and create one of the Best Customer Engaging Layout. And after Providing New Version Mark is very satisfied with the design and we moved to our Next Process.


During Project Development we face many challenges especially location Matching, but with the help of Mark we achieve the Project goal and after many testing, we launch the website.

At this current time business is running smooth and fruitful. We continue giving support and take care of the site.