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7 Disease That Cause Flu-Like Ailments, But They Aren’t Flu. More bugs also can result in those flu-like ailments.

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7 Disease That Cause Flu-Like Ailments, But They Aren’t Flu. More bugs also can result in those flu-like ailments.

Considering that the flu virus can dispersed like wildfire among unvaccinated communities, it is easier to worry that each cough, muscles ache, and hint of a temperature is an indication you caught the flu virus.

Which is clear, given that you’ll find a huge amount of various other ailments that bring about copycat flu-like disorders, like temperature, cough, runny nostrils, and problems, among others, per the stores for illness regulation and reduction.

“Any intimidating problems that stimulates the disease fighting capability can [produce] a few of the exact same symptoms,” clarifies Cindy Weston, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, assistant professor in the Colorado A&M college or university of Nursing. To phrase it differently, “most flu virus simply feels as though a typical cooler,” Joseph Khabbaza, MD, a pulmonologist at Cleveland hospital, informs wellness.

The only way to learn certainly you’ve got the flu is to obtain tested–but there are discreet clues to help you differentiate between influenza the other else.

Here are a few of the numerous conditions that can result in flu-like symptoms, but they aren’t the flu.


Both common colds and influenza is viral maladies, both usually occur in exactly the same conditions, and they’ve got most overlapping problems, like a sore throat and a rigid nose.

The key distinction was how fast signs or symptoms come-on. “A cold typically slowly progresses symptom by symptom over [several] times,” states Keri Peterson, MD, an internist at Lenox mountain medical in new york. “With the flu, the constellation of warning signs of higher temperature, coughing, strength ache, and severe lethargy happens in 24 to 2 days.”

And although numerous symptoms overlap, colds typically don’t incorporate upper body problems or human body aches, which are even more trait associated with the flu virus, contributes Dr. Peterson.

Strep neck

The flu virus and strep throat share most disorders, but there are two you may find inside flu but never ever in strep: coughing and nasal congestion.

Strep throat could also deliver distended lymph nodes, swollen tonsils, a facial skin rash, or white blotches regarding the tonsils. Not one of these is common of this flu.

If for example the physician suspects strep, the person might swab the neck and test for the bacteria. When the test comes back good, you’ll most likely become antibiotics, which can often clear-up signs or symptoms easily.


Pneumonia may come separately from flu virus or it may be another issue to getting unwell. You may even appear to be you’re around flu right after which bang–you’re stricken with another infection. “People are receiving the flu virus and possibly also operating it, and a week approximately later, they’re coming in with pneumonia,” Weston states.

Usually, pneumonia that comes with or after the flu Making Friends dating site free virus is actually caused by bacterium and will getting managed by antibiotics. Because of this particular pneumonia, “the cough is quite persistent and unrelenting and frequently of chest area aches,” Weston states. “The fever maybe low-grade or maybe more. Frequently there’s no food cravings with pneumonia, and there is some body pains.” A pneumonia coughing has mucus inside.

Pneumonia that’s perhaps not pertaining to the flu virus is usually viral; viral pneumonia normally typically milder compared to microbial kind.

You may even have some congestion, coughing, and tiredness, that could suggest the flu–but in cases like this, they’re just flu-like warning signs.

Physicians can pay attention for telltale signs of pneumonia by placing a stethoscope your upper body, states Dr. Peterson.


Mono is known as “kissing ailments” because it can end up being passed through saliva (together with coughing, sneezing, and sharing items).