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PhoneGap, now known as the Cordova app is an open source development framework operated by the Adobe system which is used for developing mobile applications. Cordova app makes hybrid applications through JavaScript, CSS and HTML by reusing certain web development skills. It is one of the most easiest and efficient ways to develop mobile applications in a user – friendly way. Individuals can now develop apps without even relying on common platforms like Android, Windows phone or iOS. PhoneGap is the commercial version of Cordova created by Adobe. It was formerly also known as Apache Callback.

Cordova App Development Company

Mobile Applications Development through PhoneGap

If you are thinking about to hire developer or Cordova App Development Company in USA. You can Contact 3iLogics. Apache Cordova is the open source version of the PhoneGap or the Cordova app. The applications created through this app are basically hybrid apps which are neither web – based nor similar to native mobile applications. Google, Microsoft, Blackberry, Adobe, Mozilla, IBM, etc. are some of the contributors of the Apache Cordova project. These native apps are very famous now a days in USA, UK and all over world.

PhoneGap or Cordova builds all the apps while adhering to the open web standards. While building the apps, the users get full benefits related to cross – platform developments. Cordova builds the apps using updated Software Development Kits (SDKs). It also provides a particular Hydration feature which is used for building efficient web cycles and faster debugs. PhoneGap makes it possible for the users to easily share their apps and promote them for a larger audience. It allows individuals to download and install any particular app without the headache of connecting to a desktop. Hire Cordova App development company or Hire our Cordova App Developers who are experienced in Mobile App development.

3ilogics developers develop both a desktop app as well as a mobile app for the convenience of the users. The easiest way to start utilizing it is through the PhoneGap desktop app. It can be used for creating apps and then serve them to other connected mobiles. Moreover, the PhoneGap developer app has also been designed in a user friendly way. It also gives us access to certain Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which are generally not available in other web browsers.

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3iLogics Cordova app development Company in USA

PhoneGap or the Cordova app also provides a plug – in facility which enables the apps to use certain native device capabilities which are otherwise inaccessible to the general pure web apps. Moreover, it also provides certain additional third party tools which help in testing, debugging and managing the apps.

It is very easy to develop and set up an application by taking help of the 3iLogics Cordova app development Company in USA. The users just need to run a particular Command Line Interface (CLI) which already comes with a default configuration which can be easily modified. The CLI can also be used for setting up of additional project files which are sometimes required for compilation with a few Software Development Kits (SDKs). The application files can be generated and easily installed in any device without any hassle.

The PhoneGap or the Cordova app is extremely useful for the mobile developers who want to extend their applications across multiple platforms and for web developers who want to build up a web app which is packed for the purpose of distribution among various app store portals. Hire 3iLogics company for Cordova App Development.

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